Evolution of Modern Terrorism

Course Overview

The Evolution of Modern Terrorism is a two day class that addresses the history, ideology and tactical evolution of Al Qaeda, ISIS, and similar terrorist groups

Who Should Attend

The course is designed for all law enforcement, from patrol to corrections to court security to dispatchers.  Segments of the course address all aspects of the law enforcement response to modern terrorism.

Course Syllabus Day One

  • Ideological background of Al Qaeda and ISIS
  • The rise and history of Al Qaeda's evolution
  • Tactical analysis of terrorist attacks that show the evolution of jihadist attacks
  • Post 9-11 attacks and the emergence of new attack methodologies
  • Correctional facilities as potential targets
  • Domestic attacks since 9-11
  • Tactical analysis of recent domestic attacks

Course Syllabus Day Two

  • The current status of Al Qaeda and ISIS, and the threat they pose moving forward
  • Analysis of the most current tactical trends in terrorism
  • Evaluation of targeting criteria used by jihadist groups
  • Tactical response considerations for terrorism incident response
  • Development of early interdiction strategies
  • Cultural awareness for positive interactions with Muslims
  • Tabletop Exercise